.44 S&W Russian questions


Hello, gentlemen!
Here I post a specimen of .44 S&W Russian - W.R.A. Co. made. The bullet is obviously FMJ and once was (I suppose) nickel plated, but after sandpaper treating (previous owner done this - darn that sandpaper!) nothing left of the nickel. My questions are:

  1. Manufacture time period
  2. Weigth of the bullet
  3. Type of powder charge (black or smokeless) and weigth

Thanks in advance!


  • ‘Full Patch’ bullets introduced JUL 1892
  • Primers marked with ‘W’ - 1894 to ?
  • Jacketed bullets marked with ‘W’ - 1902 to FEB 1932
  • Tin plating on pistol bullets discontinued FEB 1930
  • Case cannelure for smokeless and Lesmok - 1912 to 1918 (Lesmok discontinued)
  • ‘WRA’ headstamp began with 45 Auto Rim - 1929

These dates are from Dan Shuey’s books. There are exceptions to the rule, though. I hope this helps a little!


Thank you very much for your quick reply!! So this is probably made before February 1930, as I understood.



Ivo and Roundsworth - from the information posted, wouldn’t the case cannelure mean that this round was made between 1912 and 1918?


John, you are absolutely right!
Gentlemen, thank you very much!



Gentlemen, can you post some ballistic data about this particular cartridge (approx. bullet weight, muzzle velocity, etc.)?
I’ll be very gratefull!