44 S&W Spécial?

I would like to have some information about this 44 S&W Special because the bullet is special to me.
Thank you.

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The round is made by Remington, and appears to be a lead hollow point projectile.

The part stamped with “H” looks like a .22 LR or .22 short cartridge (maybe even live as it has no strike mark) pushed into the hollow point of the round.
I believe the H headstamp is Winchester.

Considering the .44 S&W cartridge is made by Remington and the other stamp on the tip is Winchester (I think) it is most likely homemade. Or like mentioned a .22 cartridge pushed into the tip of a hollow point.

Regards Hamish.

Hamish is right Remington (probably factory hollow point) some one has inserted a Winchester brand (Henry was Oliver Winchesters shop foreman) .22 blank in to.

There is a US patent that covers this, it is the Mead Patent dated Dec, 10th 1872 # 133,714 which predates this .44 Special example by, I would guess close to or perhaps more than 100 years.

Found on older period cartridges with either plain or headstamped blank variations (depends on which & in what) it is a legitimate variation.

my current sale (#17, lot 25) has a M-1865 Maynard loaded with a Mead patent bullet

Vickers59, what you have here someone trying to make an explosive bullet, which is what the Mead patent covered.

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Made some of these many years ago when I was doing some metallic silhouette handgun shooting . Shot fairly well and marked impact with a puff of white smoke.

Thank you for this information.

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