44 Special I.D

Here are four 44 Specials with the W-W 44 SPL headstamp can anyone identifiy the bullets. Are they factory loads or reloads? The last one on the right has a red dyed head. Is that one a proof?

1 Copper jacket, radius nose, pink plastic insert in nose,

2 FMJ, truncated cone, filled HP with red paint tip,

3 SNFNHP, filled nose with blue paint tip,

4 LD,

Carolyn-#1 with the pink nose is a Glaser Safety Slug. The other 3, I believe are American Ballistic loads, but will need to do some looking to confrim that. The last on is NOT a proof.

Carolyn–If the last one on the right has post in the center of the bullet it is a American Ballistics Hydra-Shok Super Sonic load. The one with the red tip, if it has a primer in the nose, is a Velex/Velet/Exammo (all the same company) Exploder. The blue tip is, I think, a Dummy load by Velex/Velet/Exammo.

There’s a post on the last cartridge. The one with the red tip I can’t tell if it has a primer in the nose as it’s covered with a thin layer of epoxy and then the red paint. That’s what my husband tells me at least. The weight of the Blue Tip and the last cartridge are within 3 grains of each other. the blue tip 324gr and the post one 327gr. The red tipped one weights 341 grs. I don’t know if any of that info helps any.

Carolyn–I am relatively sure of my ID’s. There were a number of companies in the 1980’s making these types of loads. #1 and #4 I am 100% sure of, and am 90% sure on #2 and #3. I am almost 100% sure of the load type. It is only the company I am not positive of.