44 U.M.C CF Solid Head


I have a cartridge with headstamp as below:

It is a raised headstamp and I was wondering if someone could provide a time frame when this cartridge was manufactured and an estimate of value?

Thank you.


Dating it to the mid-1880s wouldn’t be far off, but as far as value is concerned, I can only say these raised American late nineteenth century headstamps have always been pretty esteemed. I can’t do even a ballpark number. It’s nice. JG

I think this raised U.M.C. headstamp was used about 1886. As to value, the Mar/Apr 2007 (Issue #454) issue if the IAA Bulletin in the Cartridge Values listing gives a value of $20.00.

Thank you Ron and J. Gill. I really appreciate the information.

I found this one in a batch of 44 CF that I recently purchased. Actually, I spotted the headstamp in a photo of about 20 44 CF cartridges and thought it was unique. I had never seen a 44 like this before and was curious. I had no idea when they were manufactured or why the raised headstamp rather than an imprinted headstamp.

I am not very knowledgeable in the area of 44 CF and I may have some other varieties to ask about later.

Thanks again.


I think you’d have a tough time getting anyone to turn loose of one of these for $20; the prices in the lists are often a bit low. However, if anyone has any at that price, I’d like a few.

Guy–Your right. I would not sell mine for $20.00 (even through only I paid about $2.00 for it 35 years ago). But, since no one had offered a value, I posted the only value listing I am aware of. I have not been to a cartridge show since 1992 and have no real concept of the cost of things today.

What price would you say would be a fair price today?

Perhaps $30?

I agree that some of the prices in the lists tend to be fairly low but finding this round for $20 at the cartridge shows isn’t too much of a challenge. There were 5 or 6 of these in the SLICS silent auctions this year and I don’t think any went for much over $20 and I’m sure some went for less than that. One more reason to load up and come join the fun next year!