44 W.C.F. Box Label Question

I was looking at a few boxes on the net and notice that the labels were applied different. I was wondering which was correct or if it mattered.

In particular the early black powder green label “Central Fire” box. In many photos you will notice the Winchester 73’ rifle is on the “front” side with the cartridge picture on the right side and the nomenclature on the left.

I also noticed on some others, they are reversed. The 73’ is on the back side, the writing on the front with the cartridge on the left and the nomenclature on the right. The Green Label of course being on the “top”.

What was normal?

On Tuesdays & Fridays the side-seal wrapper installer was left handed.

just kidding, You will find side-seal labels installed in this manner from numerous companies.

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LOL, I was wondering if the top label just got put on upside down from time to time.

probably 6 of one and a half dozen of the other.

Pete, in Giles and Shuely’s book…
This photo is the side label of the early 44-40 High Velocity load.

Any idea what the other side looks like?

I have been waiting to see one for a very long time but I just can’t find one.

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Hi Jack,
What does the top label look like?
Never mind Jack. I checked my pictures, and none are the High Velocity load anyway.

I don’t mind. They are some I found on the net!

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Sorry Jack, I don’t have that box in .44 or .38 so can’t help.

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