44 WCF at The Battle of the Little Bighorn


The Montenegrin cartridges are larger than a 44-40.


It could be since some of their Gassers were chambered for 44-40 Winchester although maybe later around 1900? 44 Winchester Gasser For Sale “Marked, “FOR 44 WINCHESTER CARTRIDGES BELGIUM”” is on one Gasser

Cartridge measurements

AOL - 1.638 includes bullet being pushed out of the case by .054"
Rim Dia. - .513 (same as UMC?)
Base Dia. - .465
Mouth Dia. - .440
Case Length - 1.310
Primer Dia./ - approx. .198
Meplat - .272
Bullet Flange Dia. .416

Purchased from:
Keith Lampear
Collectable Ammunition LLC.
Nomniclature: 44-40 Winchester Centerfire, No Headstamp, Copper Case, Copper Primer


Howdy Jack
I have no idea where Keith got his copper case information about a .44 W.C.F. or .44-40, so no help with that.

However Winchester did make the Montenegrin heres a photo of the two side by side.
However the Gasser and the Montenegrin are two different rounds as Jack notes.
I would doubt a cut-down .44 W.C.F. would work well in the Gasser Revolver as the Gasser rounds have a thicker rim. I haven’t checked but that’s my impression based oh the style of the base on them is sort of a Mauser base (A-base) type


Here’s the shorter Montenegrin / Gasser rifle (CNCS-jacketed bullet with a red reflection on the jacket) and a 44 wcf which not only has a thicker rim but a larger rim diameter. Those cut-down 44’s with the heeled bullet, sound like they might be something someone was playing with.
gasser%20r%20%26%2044wcf%20oal gasser%20r%26%2044%20wcf%20hs


Pete does that mean that the Gasser in the link I shared is not chambered for the 44 Winchester is it states?

I like the dates printed into the cartridge!!


Pete, left cartridge was made for the Kropatschek Model 1881 Carbine and designated 11 mm Gendarmerie-Repetiergewehr scharfe Patrone (the flat nose jacketed bullet was designed to work in a tubular magazine). Box is labeled "25 MONTENEGRO REVOLVER SELLIER & BELLOT” with an overlabel saying “BALLES BLINDÉES”.




I can not even pronounce half of those words!!


Thanks Fede, I had it with my Montenegrin’s but somehow thought there was a Gasser connection. Will correct my notes.


Jack, Your reading the title correctly I would think, not having seen the Gasser firearm which seems to have been made in Belgium and was chambered for the .44 WCF. if I’m also interpreting it right…

In that post you seen to equate the round you bought from Keith with the revolver, and in another you mentioned shorten cut-down .44’s might be for use in a Montenegrin or Gasser revolver. I was illustrating the rounds in comparison to the .44 WCF.
Here.s the 11.2 Gasser M-1882 Gasser’s with a .44 WCF in the middle.Gasser%20%26%2044wcf%20al Gasser%20%26%2044%20wcf%20hs
My point is that none of the Gasser’s or the Montenegrin variations (as Guy also noted) are even close to the .44 W.C.F.


Those are some cool cartridges, I like them!


_emphasized text_Good photos and text…
thank you.