.44 WCF Reload?

My recent $5 cigar box aquisition included (5) .44 WCF headstamped REM-UMC -44 WCF- with rounded nickel primer and a rather unusual (to me) hollow point bullet. Rounds seemed very light so I pulled one and it weighs 160 gr. and is .425 Dia. Rounded blunt nosed with no exposed lead with a deep cupped base. Inside of case was clean and bright and has no signs of being reloaded. (Could be from a NPE). Powder is a perforated disk type like the old Hi-Skor. (I won’t mention how much for fear of being banned from the forum!) Did Remington ever factory load a 160 gr. HP and if not, who made .425 Dia. bullets of this type for the .44 WCF?



Most likely a HV load for the Winchester M92 or CLMR ???


Steogers 1940 lists a 44-40 Rem-UMC 160 gr “Mush” at 1980 fps. Likely what you have.

Ray and Orange,

Thanks for the input. None of the other odds and sods in the bunch were reloads and I was hoping this wasn’t as well. Just hadn’t seen that bullet weight listed before.


The dashes on either side of the REM-UMC often were on a case used for export.