44 WCF Second Box

Does anyone have any information on photos of the Winchester 44 WCF “Second” box? I have see the first and third boxes. I am still learning!!

Have you looked in Giles & Shuey?

Got it, for some reason my brain interpreted the Green label as the 44 Henry…Duh! So the book shows the first and second label? I’m gonna get that book as soon as I can, just gonna be a bit delayed until I can sneak it in the house!!

I have a cartridge with what I thought was an exposed grease groove but when dissected, it is a heeled, 200gr swaged bullet. The mouth was crimped shy of the flange giving it the appearance it was a grease groove.

The bullet flange measures .4225 and the “heel”, all that is inside the case measures .421". The case was slightly rolled crimp and that indention dia measured .418"

Finally ordered “Winchester Cartridge Shell Box Price Guide 1856-1956”. I may be selling some aviation books I don’t use any more :-)

I wouldn’t call this a replica label by any means but I will enjoy looking at it on the shelf. Gonna fill it with what unheadstamped brass I have.

Meanwile, while I am waiting on the postman!!! Took me 12 hours to make the Bullet Box

If you would not call it a replica label, what would you call it?
How do you identify these as being non original?


Should’a said is not “an accurate replica”. The size is a little different and the fonts. Materials used etc. I guess it depends on ones definition of replica…I guess it is a replica…jut don’t look at them to close :-) Painstaking…I think one of each is enough!!

It’s not perfect but it’s all I got to work with right now. I had fun with the project!