.44 Winchester Carttridges Box date

Someone knows what year this box corresponds to?, it is full and unopened!

on one side of the box there are two series of numbers 682 and separate 1-19

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Hi Mkako,

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If possible could you take a picture of the side of the box with the numbers and post that as a larger photo?
Most of us on the Forum don’t have 20-20 vision! :-)


If the numbers on the right side are 1-19 (January 1919), this indicates the last date a change was made to that label. It can be used as a ‘not-earlier-than’ date for the box of cartridges. You may possibly find other date codes on the secondary labels; if so, use the latest code to determine your ‘not-earlier-than’ date.

The split edge on the end of the box is one of the issues that occurs with full boxes. You may want to consider shrink wrapping the box, or using other clear wrapping material to give some support to the box edges.