440 Nagant stamp

Can anyone out there identify this mark on this Argentinian Nagant round???

It looks like the “GG” logo worn down.

GG logo

Chris P.

Call me nuts, but it looks like “3M” in Fraktur.

Image enlarged and increased contrast:

IMG_0509 (1)a

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Ha thanks for enlarging that for me,I wish I would be so computer savvy
Chris I have another on like that,but with the stamp you suggest I know
that one is Gevelot.I have some books to check but this one is really strange.
that J almost looks like a 3 but am sure it is J

Hi Vladimir you know I had to grin,on first and fast look
3M does not look so far out

JM? John Moss? And what is the dimple at 2 o’clock?

To me the second symbol looks like an R with the back of it having an alwost C like
open end .

How about that “snake” underneath the symbols?

The meaning of this marking was clearly explained above by Chris. This is a 1st quality .440 Revolver cartridge made by SFM, that is the same caliber/case type as the .44 S&W American and .440 Argentine Nagant.



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I agree it is a GG, but a very squished version.

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Oh, now I see “GG”, the middle section did not “print” at all, just the end parts, and the “snake” is the lower part of interlocked Gucci symbol.

Well Vladimir here is the stamp as what it is supposed tobe SFM or Gevelot.as a good measure
there is also a British 440 Eley…And as an example of what can happen when a BUNTER
contracts the Coronavirus you are looking at a 9mm Luger round most likely from the Royal
Laboratory maybe that one was made by GUCCI.
Both round are Argentinian Nagants.Wish I could find a Brazilian one

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an Argentinian and below a brazilian one both made by GG or S.F.M with GG in the headstamp.

Thanks Laurent
For showing the Brazilian one,I wonder why they are harder to come by
than the Argentines?? God I wish we all could trade a little with one another!!