44mm german Antitank Panzerfaust "Lanze" Blank

Here aTraining blank for the Antitankgun Lanze.
Cardboard tube with blackpowder Charge (12 Grams)
Dimensions are approx. 132mm Long, Diameter cardboard 42-42,5mm, Metallpart about 23,5mm
Front sealed with a Brown laquered cardboard disc, the cardboard tube is at its inside closed by a paperdisc clued into the paperbody.
Ignited by a special 22 Blank (TLANZ( which fires sidewards trough the cardboard. A pic of this ammobox is also included here…
Here the igniters:

A drawing of the .22 Igniter (Looks similar to a shotload):

and a cut trough the System of the PzF44 how it works: (on firing, the pressure cuts a hole sidewards in the case, trough which the blast goes upwards trough a channel, piecing the hull of the fillings and ignites the driving Charge, or the Blank Charge a,s,o,
The igniter cartridges itself a contained in a Magazine in the triggerhousing:


Here also a german Test Modell (DT 14), which fires a violet smoke trail.
It was not accepted, sofar I knew… (3 pics to see the inscription and the smoke filler)

unbek%20%206x8%20%2024mm%20DT%2014%20Rauchstrichpatr%20violett%20LOS%20DIC-6%20bis%201-67%20GL%2092mm%20Pappdurchm%2042mm%20Durchm%20Metall%2024mm-2 unbek%20%206x8%20%2024mm%20DT%2014%20Rauchstrichpatr%20violett%20LOS%20DIC-6%20bis%201-67%20GL%2092mm%20Pappdurchm%2042mm%20Durchm%20Metall%2024mm-3


Peter, it took me a bit of searching but finally I have found the bits and pieces.

The DT14 became the DM14 at some point and was to be used with the blank firing device for the AT grenade launcher.

Here the ignition system in a clearer image:
a - tube of the launcher
b - propellant
c - wall of the propellant container whcih will be perforated and the propellant inside ignited
d - flash channel
e - part of the case which will be punched out by the gas pressure and make way for the flames
f - ignition cartridge

Thx for the better pic of the ignition System…
I´ve never seen a Rauchstrich for this “in Action”…


I guess you did not miss much.