44w mrp?

Hello CartridgeCollectors! I am new to your foums here at iaa! Recently going through brass I aquired from a dear friend passed away gunsmith Bob Kroh I found 50ea of 44W MRP. I bumped another friend of mine out in CA for what he might know about it. So far all he’s been able to come up with on the Internet is from the headstamp part of the site. We believe the MRP to stand for “Magtech Recreation Products” inc from Brazil most likely imported distributed out in LasVegas. If any of you come across my posting to possibly weigh in with the “ALL abouts” this cartridge please do. Thank all of you in advance. Randy


Welcome to the forum! I am sure someone will come around soon that will have a good answer for you. Also, if possible, a good picture of the case and headstamp is always helpful.

Hey Thank you Aaron for that swift reply & Welcome to the 44W MRP thread!Well until I get to the photo shoot fellas for those of you that think you might have a “myth buster” to this cartridge “mystery” here’s a short description.It’s obvisouly a pistol or lever gun ground.Not sure if BP because it looks to take a standard large pistol primer.It’s straight wall head to what I would call a seating depth line that is perforated in the brass around the circumfrence.At that point there’s a very slight taper to the rim.My guess is to act as a crimp.Yes,Aaron if you have knowledge of an administrator or expert here on this site please contact them if you can to weigh in on the facts of this cartridge.Or anyone else that reads this thread.Thank you very much guys & gals!There are gals on this site ain’t thar?

The .44 Winchester is essentially the .44W, .44WCF, and the .44-40. It is a popular cowboy gun cartridge, being used in Colt pistols and Winchester rifles, as well as others. You have correctly identified the maker, and you have a smokeless powder loading. You can find older and specialty loadings in black powder also.

Thank you very much johnnyc!

Oh and if anybody knows any history i.e.year introduced,firearms designed for,other mfg’s that loaded for it,etc…etc…please weigh in.

Some of that info will be available with a simple “Google” search. Look for all the names I provided above.