45-55 Carbine - Manhattan

Found this at the Kansas show. Two things that I noticed are the misspelling of “Cartridces” and the other is “Manhattan” in the upper left corner. There was an identical box listed in Butweiller XI, 1-92 including same date. He speculated at the time that Manhattan may have referred to a specific metal supplier or loading for a specific local militia, all obviously being simply a WAG. Have we learned anything more reliable about the reference to Manhattan on these boxes? Thanks. Rich



Check out this thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9489

Frank Hackley’s comment via John Moss specifically.


Thanks, Dave. That’s good enough for me.

Rich B

OK, I’ll ask the big question - is the carton full of cartridges???



I wish! Seems to be full of a wood block or something similar. The pull string is still intact and it seems the contents exited out the bottom to be replaced at some time with a mottled orange cardboard replacement.


Frankford Arsenal is known to have used metal provided by other New York companies like James G. Moffet (“Bloomfield Gilding Metal”) and Ansonia Brass & Copper Co., so I think that is likely that “Manhattan” stands for the metal procured from the Manhattan Brass Co. located in 1st Avenue, 27th & 28th Streets, New York. All three companies were listed in the same directories during many years.



Ad from 1885: