45-60 wcf

Is there a dimensional difference between a 45-60 Wesson target and a 45-60 WCF? thanks Vic

Short answer - Yes. The Wesson is longer and has a smaller rim. I can post a photo of each if you’d like to see a comprison. I’ll have to wait for a sunny day. Oh, wait, the sun is shining! ;)

The Wesson is not too common.

would you, could you have the actual measurements in the case length? thanks Vic

I have the following measurements:

45-60 Wesson: Rim = .549, Base = .474, Case Length = 1.975. From Hoyem, Vol. 4.

45-60 WCF: Rim = .628, Base = .505, Neck = .477, Case Length = 1.87. From my collection.

Note that the Wesson is a straight case, while the WCF has a slight bottleneck.


Technically, the 45-60 WCF is classified as a straight rimmed case. The neck is sized to hold the bullet tight when used in the lever action Winchester 1876 rifle. The chamber has no shoulder and the fired cases will come out without the slight bottleneck. On some brands you will not find the bottleneck, relying instead on a heavy crimp to hold the bullet.


Hi Ray
Don’t be suprised if you find a slight taper on so called straight cases from this era. It was only expedient to overcome chamber fouling and was not a significant variation of any real note. Because of the low pressures and slow buildup of pressure a lot of sooty residue escaped back before the cases could obturate. Over multiple firings it could cause chambering problems so they resorted to a slight taper to mitigate. Many blackpowder cartridges when fired show signs of serious blowback.