45-70 Eley Bros with battery cup primer

What is the story of the use of a battery cup primer on this 45-70? Was it military/gatling?


Hi Gary,

From that angle it looks very like a ‘Protected Primer’ for added protection in tubular magazines.


A misaligned annular primer crimp? Jack

Thanks for your input. It definitely appears to be a battery cup two piece primer and the contact point it slightly recessed. But why with 45/70? Was there a tubular feed weapon this was designed for?

The 1886 Winchester was chambered for the .45-70 and it was far and away the commonest rifle of that caliber available to hunters outside the U.S. What is bullet weight? Jack.

Thank you, I hadn’t given enough thought to sporting rifles. Here is an image showing the full metal jacket flat nosed bullet with overall weight of 540 grains. Estimating the case and powder weight of 240 grain gives a bullet weight of about 300 grains. I guess the Marlin is another option with the flat nosed bullet and light weight bullet.


The Eley Bros is a very early headstamp style. I have two Eley London examples which postdates the Bros with Marlin style lead bullets & small copper primers. One example has a total weight of 640 grains & the other 537.

Looking through my British sporting none of my examples with that style flat head and headstamp have a jacketed bullet.

So my conclusion is this one has been refitted with a primer and a friction fitted jacketed bullet.

For what ever it’s worth do have a N.A.&A.Co. 500 3" case which was refitted with a battery cup primer, but it 's pretty obvious.

Gary: Pete’s explanation seems to best fit this example. Jack