.45-70 Govt. Id help

Pictures shared by another Chinese collector.
Any ideas about this one?


A mirrored headstamp?


In Chinese Ammunition 1870 to the Present Day, K. Elks, 2012, on page 49 three different Chinese made .45-70 headstamps are shown. All three have a similar case base structure similar to the case shown above and all have a 2 character headstamp/date at 180deg. apart. Apparently cases dated between 1879 to 1900 have been noted.

Also look at

In photo #11 note the found cartridge case on the right side of the pile of cartridge cases, this case appears to be a .45-70.


Imperial China used, amongst
Other typesof rifles, Remington Rolling Blocks and Remington Lee M1885 “Chinese model” magazine rifles in both .43 Spanish and .45/70.
I have a .43 Sp. One, imported through an agent in Shanghai, whilst an old friend has one in .45/70 sadly sportered…both
Boxer Rebellion bringbacks by
Victorian Naval contingent sent in 1900.
Tientsin Arsenal was making ammo for them, with Remington Assistance, in several calibres, including a .52 Spencer RF Rollingblock (aka M67).
The above mentioned Rem-Lees were captured “new” when the Arsenal and Taku forts were captured in 1900.
Will have to get Elks’ book…
Doc AV