45-70 mki

I have a WCC 45-70 MKI -1943- carridge which should be a line thrower but it has been necked down and loaded with a 9.59mm (.3775") lead bullet what do I have? thanks

The .45-70 line throwing cartridges (both Mark I and the later M32) use conventional spec .45-70 cases, and fairly large quantities have reached the surplus market, and are prime candidates for reloaders who need a .45-70 parent case for conversion to some obsolete caliber.

I am certain that this is not a factory loading.

John S.
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Vic, can you post pictures and dimensions? Then maybe we can find out which wildcat is this.

The case is the original length 54.45 mm the bullet diameter is 9.49 mm the shoulder is started 33.12 mm from base

thanks vic

Vic, thanks, the case was used to form a .38-56 W.C.F., a quite common conversion for owners of rifles in this obsolete caliber. Regards, Fede.

Fede you got it right on, compared it to a known 38-56 and they match up almost perfect except for a little thicker base. Thanks Vic