45-70 Morse Head Stamps

Hi, Does any one know how many different head stamps that were made for the Morse Primed 45-70. I know there were not made that many years.

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Joe, the Project Census compiled by Chas. Elias indicates known specimens dated from 8/86 through 03/87. HW&S state that what was probably a very small batch of preproduction cases were headstamped MODEL 86. They also cite an R F 3 86 example and state that " The Frankford Arsenal Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1889 lists 3,000 rounds" produced, though I see no evidence anywhere of any R F x 89 stamped specimens.

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As far as I’m aware, only perhaps two or three of the Model 86 headstamped cases are known.

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I have 4 different head stamp dates in my collection and would like to get more. I attended last weeks Ohio Cartridge Show and was able pick up my number 4 from Fred Butts. He mentioned that he had 5 different head stamps at one time. He also said that he has never seen the MORSE 86 head stamped round.

As a side note. I tried to register for your last auction but was not successful. I called twice and left two messages on a phone recording. No one got back to me. Hope I can get luckier next time. I was interested in that green 45 ACP signal round. The one with the 3 rings around the middle of its case. Don’t know how much it finally went for. I enjoy reading all of your comments on our IAA web site. One day, maybe i can get to St Louse and introduce myself and get to shake your hand.

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The data I have, that I got from Guy’s Hildenrand very nice web-site shows the following 45-70 Morse Head Stamps: F 8 86, F 9 86, F10 86, F 1 87, F 2 87. link below:
Hope this helps you.

Many Thanks David Call For Sending Me That Info On 45-70 Morse. Do You Know Of Any Available?

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I have: 10 86,11 86, 1 87, 2 87, and a 9 86 sectioned.

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I have most of what you have except for the F 9 86. Is that in your collection? Or Available? Joe

Sorry to say no I do not have available at this time , but we both learned about them, and that is what this forum if about. LEARNING ! :-)
Pete, thanks for the photo.

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not for sale

Totally Understand Why Its Not For Sale Pete, Looking Forward To Next Years Auction, Pleas Stay Well Partner

I cannot help but reply to this one regarding these rounds I am somewhat surprised that for 1889 only
3000 rounds were produced I have one of these with the stamp F 11 89 a very light bullet and a zink
coated primer and another one F 2 87 copper primer heavy bullet I have no idea as to the bullet weight
of the first round?

Dibbern lists:
3 86, 8 86, 9, 10 & 11 86

1, 2 & 3 87

And one with an 88 year-date but sectioned and the month missing.

Lastly the Model 86 with only 50 being made, as is also noted in Hackley.

Bill Dibbern took Charlie’s list over after, & I can’t remember the exact timing, Charlie passed or quit doing it, and expanded it.

I would not dream question the research of these fellows all I try to tell you what I have here I did some digging
and that cartridge has the 405 grain bullet it is very difficult to keep these two bottoms apart the stamps are
the same in looks the step is there quite frankly I do not know what to think well if non from 1889 have been
found so far maybe then it is just a standard round.