.45-70 "Oakland Special"

Here is an ad from The Rifle magazine, Vol. 2, No. 8 (Dec. 1886) for the .45-70-440 Oakland Special cartridge. This load was listed by U.S.C.Co. until at least 1891, probably longer. My next catalog is 1924 and it is not listed there. Anybody know the history behind this load? How an you tell it from the 405 gr. load. There should be an overall cartridge weight difference. Anybody have the loaded weight of one of these “Oakland Special” cartridges?

I can fill in a bit on multigroove bullets for target shooting in the black powder era. First it made the bullet a tad longer but mostly it was to get as much lubricant as possible in contact with the bore to offset the effects of fouling, which would be damaging to accuracy.

People like RCBS still make them that way

shop.rcbs.com/WebConnect/MainSe … te=C12J059

I made up a spreadsheet of all cartridges listed in USC Co in all catalogs I could locate and I show the Oakland bullet being listed as a 45-70 Gov’t Oakland Sp. Bullet and as a 45-66-440 Gov’t w/Oakland bullet from 1886 to 1906.


USCCo 1888 catalog (still listed as .45-70-440):

A related advertisement dated 1892 (now as .45-66-440):