I was looking through some of my old junk and found this 45-70 new primed empty.

It has three dots stamped on the head. On the side some one has written " 3 dots Ballistic Lab I.D. Mark". Is it legit and if so what were they for?



I have a Peters 351 S.L. new primed empty with the same three dots on the left side of the headstamp. I was told (no documentation) that Peters, no doubt at the behest of their attorneys, marked their primed empties in this way so that they could prove absence of liability for the damage caused by any improperly loaded rounds.


I would have to suspect that if Peters marked all of the NPE brass they sold for handloaders, even over a relatively short time, that they would be considerably more common than they are. I have never seen one in my live until the picture appeared on this thread. Further, the age of these cartridges is before America became such an insanely litigious society. People had a sense of their own responsibility in those days in America, not like the current welfare state that is rapidly being built by you-know-who, where no one is responsible for their own actions, but rather it is always “someone else.”

I suspect that if it is a factory applied marking, that what is written on the .45-70 cartridge is probably correct, that the dots had some meaning for the Peters in-house ballistic lab, and I am sure they would have had one of some sort or another.

Just my opinion.

Rich and John, Thanks for the reply. The fact that there is at least one other caliber out there with a Peters headstamp and similar three dot markings would seem to indicate it may not be just a random marks done by some one to confuse me!