45-85 wcf

I have a 45-85 WCF cartridge that I don’t know if it is a legitimate factory loading. In Dan Shuey’s book he lists a blank cartridge, the one I have is loaded with shot with the same style mouth crimp and case neck. Is this a factory loading?
Thank You Carolyn

few things

If Dan didn’t record it, it probably isn’t, as he did have access to a tremendous amount of factory records, plus Cody, large and small collections & former employees, but & I’m sure he would be the first to admit that things may turn up & may be correct.

That said

With the formed mouth (as Dan calls it) it would be awful hard to reload with out leaving marks. The crimp is not anything standard that you would crimp a bullet with, so with a high powdered glass & lots of light look closely for tool marks. Also the top wad should be nice, no wrinkles or bad edges next to the case wall. And it should, I’d think, be below the ‘neck’ as this 'neck is to secure a blank topwad. Otherwise why bother to use a necked case? A rolled crimp over the top wad ( seated at the mouth) is what is usually found on other WRACo shot loadings with a straight case. A shot loading takes up much more space than a blank.

Don’t know it this is of help, I don’t have a shot load in the case type.

What would a .45-85 blank be used for, and in what firearm?

I am asking because I have become interested in line throwing stuff, and this sounds like it may be related.

Only thing I can think of is noise. As to firearm, & not be flippant, any chambered for the 45-85 WCF ?
Not much help, I know.

So, what firearms WERE chambered in .45-85?

Or, is this a variation of the theme where the common 2.1 inch “.45-70” case was loaded with a heavier 85 grain charge of powder and a wad as a “.45-85” blank for a specific application, such as line throwing?

Perhaps I am way off base here, because I don’t know what the .45-85 case looks like.

The .45-85 WCF is the same case as the .45-90 (and .45-82), 2.4" case length. Both WRACo and UMC headstamped the cases 45-85. Used most commonly in the Model 1886 Winchester.