.45 ACP (11.43x23) made by LVE of Novosibirsk

Has anybody ever seen .45 ACP cartridges made by LVE of Novosibirsk?

I would be interested to see boxes and headstamps.

Only this http://gunmag.com.ua/znamenityj-tolstyachok/

Thanks Ruslan!
I know they made cases and wondered why no cartridges were loaded and sold.

Alex - all I can figure is that they felt it would not be profitable, since Tula (Tulammo as well as some with “WOLF” headstamp), Barnaul and Ulyanovsk had already hit the American market, likely the biggest market for this caliber.

I have a draw-set piece for the LVE 12 45 Auto headstamp. It is identical to the 10th piece from the left in Hooke’s very nice picture of a complete case draw set, including the 2012 date. The piece is copper-plated (copper washed?) in and out, as the set pictured by Hooke.

John Moss

John, entirely possible. I just wonder if the US market ever will get “too small” for just one more manufacturer.

When your draw set looks like the one depicted your cases are copper clad. If your set was washed it had a coated extractor groove.


There is no extractor groove. It is an unfinished case. No extractor groove and flash holes not drilled, or punched, yet, depending on the process they use. I am happy enough just to have the headstamp. It seems quite rare in the USA, but then, I can’t keep up with commercial stuff. Still, one would think it would have shown up by now, if it was actually in production and exported to Western Europe or the USA, since the case draw is from 2012, six years ago.

John Moss

John, then I assume the case mouth of your draw stage is not covered by copper.
It shall be a clad one.

EOD - the outside of the case and the inside are copper finished. You are correct, though, that the actual top edge of the case, as seen from looking down directly into the case, is uncoated, likely from the trim procedures in the manufacture of the case.