.45 ACP ammunition

I believe that the Germans have manufactured .45 ACP ammunition as a commercial venture. Does anyone have any information about these rounds, if they exist?

I don’t have many 45 ACP cartridges in my collection but a quick look through them I find a ball by Geco, a proof by Geco (knurled rim), a dummy by Huck and a ball with “MEN-72 .45 ACP” headstamp. The Geco, in both ball & proof, is fairly common.

Germany has produced the .45 auto cartridge off and on for years. Before WWII, both Geco and RWS made it. Geco rounds are known with and without the Sinoxid primer marked with an “O” on the primer cup. DWM made it also, although it is rare. It is reported that possibly only one box, and at the most a couple, have ever shown up, and those were found in Switzerland. The headstamp on the Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.-G. production is “K DWM K 513A.” DWM also made the .45 Model 1906 for the 1906/1907 U.S. Army Trials, as they found the Frankford Arsenal Ammunition to be somewhat lacking in quality. They are headstamped “K DWM K 513” and only two specimens are known. The RWS rounds are known with brass and copper primer cups, both marked with the “O” indicating a Sinoxid, non-corrosive primer. There is an RWS dummy with one hole in the case, although it is possible that it is nothing more than an inerted ball round. There is also a nickeled-case snap cap with a Reddish-brown plastic-like primer. The round has the profile of an empty case, and in the mouth of the case is a large, slotted screw head, the full diameter of the inside case mouth, probably for increasing tension on the false primer snapping surface as it got worn.

The Germans continued production of the .45 cartridge at Raufoss, Norway, during the WWII occuplation of that country. However, no distinctively German headstamp was applied; the normal “RA” Raufoss, Norwegian-style headstamps were used.

After WWII, Geco made the round commercially. both in ball and knurled-rim proof loads. There is also a dummy with one small hole in the case. This is definitely a factory dummy, but was made for a Geco display. We do not know if they ever sold them as a functioning dummy or if they were, in truth, ONLY made for these displays. We suspect the latter. Huck, N