.45 ACP Ball M1911 with headstamp R [dot] A 42

Lot RA 5242
Just curious as to the meaning of the “dot” between R and A in the R [dot] A over 42 headstamp.
It appears to be typical M1911 Ball cartridge with copper case and no magnetic attraction to case or bullet. Nothing found in HWS volume 2 on this “dot”.
Probably early 1942 as it is still a 20 round box instead of 50 rounds.

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May '10

"There si also a “R • A 42” headstamp with dot representing a different case-drawing process."

BD- Thanks for finding that.
John Moss- Thanks for your original post, along the the many others you make!

I received a private email from a very knowledgeable source who had discussed this subject with another expert in the field.
“Mr. X. gave me a call and told me that the dot identifies military ammunition produced on the Remington company’s commercial production line. That makes sense, and does not negate, necessarily, the information reported years ago in the reply quoted above that it represented a different than normal case-drawing process. It may well be that Remington’s commercial line used a different case-drawing process than did their military line. At any rate, it was a wartime expedient to meet production quantity requirements.”

Thanks to these two gentleman for their anonymous input.