.45 ACP Concord Reloads

This one is overstamped “CONCORD RELOADS” over a WCC 42 case and has the chemical washed look to the brass. It weighs about the same as a standard ball load and looks to have a standard ball bullet (not Oilite).

Was there any relationship to this round and the Dairt Company reloads or was this another product by someone else?


I was going to say you are certainly right about it being chemical washed, almost etched in fact. Then I saw the many small scratches around the headstamp and wondered if it had been tumbled with steel pins? Or sharp sand?

Both are much quicker (and cheaper) than walnut medium if you are running a commercial operation but the finish is poorer.

The CONCORD rounds I have seen all have standard bullets. I don’t think I have seen, or If I have I was not aware of it, a “CONCORD” overstamped round with the Dairt bullet.

The cases have the look of have been cleaned with a chemical similar to the commercial Case-Brite product, that gives the brass a dull, yellow color.

On the old Forum, I think we went into the Dairt/Concord question. I will look in my files later and see what I can find. I am sure there was a relationship between the two, of some kind.
I just got back from a 200 mile round trip in Bay Area traffic, and am a little beat, so it will be later tonight, and tomorrow, that I revisit this subject, if no one beats me to it.

John Moss

The effect even in the extractor groove would seem to indicate a “bath” rather than a “rub” to get the finish. It could be a mechanical process, though.


Get your rest…I didn’t recall the subject from the old Forum and with a proper search found this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3612&p=23874&hilit=concord#p23874

I had reviewed your article in the Journal on the Dairt product and saw no reference to the Concord Reloads there so I asked here. I shouldn’t hesitate to “search” despite my general lack of success driving that engine. On the other hand, please feel free to add any new info that the above referenced thread doesn’t cover!

(Of all my travels, I always found CA traffic to be among the most stressful. San Juan ranks up there, but is exciting more than anything as the horn and accelerator are the control devices of choice and brakes are only used once you get to where you’re going.)



Well, thank goodness my memory is not completely gone. I was pretty sure that I had researched this subject for the old forum. I have not received any new information since then, and am still not positive of any association between the Palmer (Concord Reloads) and Dairt.

Everything I know on the subject is covered in the old Form entries that you gave us the “address” to.

Hope the old Forum info was of some help and interest to you.

John Moss