.45 ACP dummies?

I have 10, of these .45 Auto cartridges that I considered to be junk. I thought they were someones idea of home made dummies. But after looking at them a little closer I have some questions. They have mixed headstamps mostly from WW1, mostly “REM-UMC 18”, or “P.C.Co 18”. They have snapped primers and fired projectiles reseated in the cases. All of the cases have a case cannelure. Just to see what was inside I pulled 2 of the bullets. I figured they were going to be just empty cases. Much to my surprise I found them to be filled with some kind of wax up to the cannelure. Then I noticed that they all of the “REM-UMC” cases have a 3 dot bullet crimps. All of these 3 dot crimps are the same distance from the case mouth and are uniformly space around the neck. Not something that was done by hand. Does anyone out there know anything about these dummies? I can and will post pictures if needed.


Photos would be good please Zac


The three dot crimp on the side of the cases was added to prevent setback of the bullets when fired in a M1917 revolver. This was on the initial factory loading, and would not be related to subsequent loading (by unknown persons) as dummy rounds.

Ray - you just won the prize for most cryptic forum entry of the year. :-)
I assume those rounds you show are live cartridges, not dummies.

Very nice specimens by the way.

No, not dummies. I was just showing Zac what the revolver cartridges looked like (on the right). The others are a CN early cartridge and a later one, tinned.

Ray - outstanding photography. It is hard to capture the difference between the various “grey and silver” bullet finisheds, but I could see straight off that the round on the left was with nickel jacket. I assume if is from FA?

Wish I could take pictures like that.


WW1 era 45 ACP dummies can be found in a lot of variations, but I don’t think the use of fired bullets is one of them. But, never say never.


The CN cartridge is FA 11 11. The next is FA 4 15. The revolver rounds are REM-UMC 18.

I took that photo about 10 years ago with an old FUJI camera. When it quit working, I bought a new FUJI but I have never been able to duplicate the picture quality of the old one. I still wish that I had simply repaired the old one but everyone told me that the new electronics were so much improved that I gave in and trashed it. Big mistake!


Thanks for all of the information you guys. I really didn’t think they were anything special but like Ray says “never say never”. If I just went and threw them out with the scrap. Well that is about the time I would find out they were some special dummies made up on an experimental basis or something like that. I have had that kind of thing happen to me to many times already. In fact I think I am going to put these together in a small box in my “I don’t know drawer”. If time permits I will post scans tonight when I get home. Thanks again.


I think that one of the Ray’s picture secrets is the Arizona sunlight…

Here is the picture I promised.


Those look very much like “home assembly” jobs. Note the improper seating depth of at least one of the bullets.