45 acp dummy

Can anyone shed light on this 45acp work tool/exercise dummy.
No headstamp or marks.
Solid brass/brass alloy.
One piece turned.
Very nicely made dummy. Great detail.
I cant get a weight but is heavier that a loaded 45 acp round.
I have 2 WWII era japanese work tool cartridges ( 20x125 and 20x142). This 45 acp is very similiar in craftsmanship.
Any help is appreciated.
Bob R.

I don’t know who made this, but I doubt it is a tool dummy. they usually have a hole in the base to clear the firing pin, and are often made of steel. They probably wouldn’t bother to machine a mock primer into the base either. While this could be a drill cartridge or functional dummy easily, it could also be a “Hollywood” display round, for pictures of guys loading magazines, etc. I have a couple similar to it, but both of mine are flat based like a rimfire. I would think that mine were box-makers dummies, but they both have a cannelure milled into the case, and I don’t know why they would bother to do that on a box makers round. One of mine is plain brass, while the other has a silver-colored “bullet” although it appears to be one piece with the case, although the silver color is not just paint and is very tough and durable, like plating.

Just some thoughts. these unheadstamped things are very hard to identify. I don’t think that it is one for the Japanese non-guns though - they usually are not that realistic. I have a couple of dozen, perhaps more, of the Japanese toy non-gun cartridges, and most only give the impression of being a cartridge to those not into ammunition.

Regardless, it is a nice item, and has certainly been in and out of firearms.