45 acp "john moss"

i see a cartridge headstamp "john moss"
i would know what the material of case ,look like aluminium painted gold ?

these cartridges are rare ?

I don’t know about the cartridge, but I do know that the real John Moss is a treasure beyond value!
But, if there is a cartridge to honor him, I suspect he rather it be a 9 x 18.

I wish I had a headstamp with my name on it… Although with my Ukranian descent, it would have to be a fairly large head to accommodate the letters.


Municion.org has a “John Moss 45ACP” headstamp from 2006. It is extremely rare because these inert commemoratives are classified as “lethal” in the State of Kalifornia…it is a joke, not a very funny one…

Turned brass & also exists in .44-40
Made in limited numbers (perhaps 50 or so) by the California Cartridge Collectors Assoc. (now known as ) Western States Cartridge Collectors Assoc. to honor him as club member of the year.
Radford Magruder was also named on a .45 ACP.
Probably still available from the Western States Assoc.or maybe John?

Believe there were only 3 different ones. John Moss, Rad Magruder and myself. Mine is a 44 Henry. Was very disappointed as all mine are duds! But they did pass the KAL ammunition law :-). As Pete says they are turned brass with an engraved HDST. John and I traded cartridges. They are actually drilled out and have an appropriate bullet seated. The 45 has an actual brass primer seated. Will not post as the fakers can get busy.

Joe Eisenlauer had a .44 GG (Game Getter) with his name, while i was presented with 40@ .577 3" nitro express new empty cases as a thank you.