45 ACP Liberator ammo

Anyone know what headstamp was on the original cartridges issued with the Liberator pistol?

An interesting question. Based entirely on the physical proximity of the Guide Lamp pistol plant to the Chrysler Evansville ammunition plant (both in Indiana), I would guess EC or ECS, steel cased. But in fact, I do not know.

From long ago in the cobwebs that used to be my memory, I recall some forum member asking for particular headstamped ammo for his liberator. I rummaged around in my old military ammo stash and found him 5 rounds of ammo he desired. I sent them to him but now cant remember what exactly they were.

The ammunition packed with the Liberator Pistols was from Frankford Arsenal, headstamped “F A 42” and would have almost had to been brass-cased. While “F A 42” headstamped steel cases exist, they are not very common, and are normally found copper-washed, if found at all.
Quantity production of .45 steel-case ammunition at Frankford Arsenal does not seem to have begun until 1943. Being F.A. ammunition makes sense, since the pistols were packed at Frankford Arsenal, not at the factory that made them.

The ammunition was packed in a very flat, unlabeled box of ten, with the cartridges laying flat in the box, two rows of five, with the heads of the cartridges in the two rows up against each other.

Reference: “The FP-45 Liberator Pistol,” no author given, but copyrighted by R. W. Koch in 1976 and published by a firm known only as “Research.”

Reference: “The Liberator Pistol,” by Ralph R. Hagan, his copyright of 1996, published by Target Sales, El Dorado Hills, California.

Note: Both of these books are in agreement over the ammunition that was packed with the Liberator pistols, although neither tells the case material of the ammunition.

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Thanks, John. I have someone who’s asked for some of the correct cartridges, and who is of the impression the correct cartridge cases are steel. I’ll just send him what makes him happy. I saw an article somewhere that discussed the ammo, but don’t have a clue where I saw it, nor do I have the energy to conduct the search that it inevitably requires to find anything in my house. I sure need to get rid of some stuff - I can’t seem to find anything these days.