.45 ACP National Match

Hello from France,

I found several .45 ACP National Match (empty cases or reloaded cartridges).

What other head stamp exist ?



There are quite a few more. I don’t collect 45 so can’t say how many. You’ll also find the cartridges in hard ball (230 gr RN) and semi-wadcutter (185 gr). And you’ll find match cartridges with a commercial headstamp. I’d say that collecting 45 Match and NM cartridges would be a specialty of it’s own.

Of the ones shown, only the RA 60 is a National Match cartridge. The others are Match.


Ray–From a shooters point of view, what is the difference between “Match” and “National Match” ammunition.


For all practical purposes, all Rifle and Pistol Match ammunition was manufactured to the same specs but, from time to time, it was the practice to exercise additional care and quality control and those lots were specifically earmarked for Camp Perry and the National Trophy Matches. The cases had the NM headstamp and the boxes were marked for use at Camp Perry and were issued on the line. The MATCH was delivered to the various military services and the DCM for training, practice, Service Championship matches, and other matches.

NM has not been manufactured for many years and, in fact, the current Match ammunition is the M118 LR, and is so headstamped. AMU continues to manufacture Match cartridges for it’s use and for others, such as snipers, but the old days of MATCH and NM ammunition are long gone.


Thanks RAY


Chassepot - sorry I have not had time to do this before now. I think this is what you might have been looking for. All of the cartridges listed are 230 grain FMJ unless so-stated. My collection is a bit strange to most, as I collect military match boxes by date, liking one cartridge specimen only in each, although some are empty, but in the single specimens, I don’t collect dates, only differences.

Please note that beyond headstamps, there are some rounds with minor differences within the same year. These can be cases with and without cannelures in the same year, headstamp letter sizes, color of primer seals, etc. I hope this list helps what you wanted to accomplish.

National Match:

1925 F A 25 Note: 20-round box marked "National Match"
1953 F A 53 Note: Steel Case, red primer seal
1954 F A 54 Note: Steel case, green primer seal
1960 F C 60 MATCH
1960 RA 60 MATCH
1961 F C 61 MATCH
1961 RA 61 MATCH Note: Butch Daubner’s List
1962 F C 62 MATCH
1962 WCC 62 MATCH Note: My earliest “Eagle” box. Next are all Eagle boxes until noted otherwise. NO CANNELURE
1963 F C 63 MATCH
1964 WCC 64 MATCH
1965 RA 65 MATCH
1966 RA 66 MATCH
1967 WCC 67 MATCH
1968 WCC 68 MATCH
1969 RA 69 MATCH
1970 WCC 70 MATCH Note: Butch Daubner’s List
1971 FC 71 MATCH
1972 WCC 72 MATCH Note: Butch Daubner’s List
1973 WCC 73 MATCH
1974 WCC 74 MATCH
1975 WCC 75 MATCH
1977 WCC 77 MATCH Note: Butch Daubner’s List
1978 WCC 78 MATCH
1979 WCC 79 MATCH
1980 WCC 80 MATCH
1981 WCC 81 MATCH
1982 WCC 82 MATCH
1983 WCC 83 MATCH
1984 WCC 84 MATCH Note: Butch Daubner’s List
1984 TZZ 84

Thanks a lot John, this is exactly I wanted to know.

You can add 1966 “RA 66 NM” in your list.

  • Are the National Match .45 ACP are made by only one manufacturer every year ? (If yes, why FC ans WCC in 1962 ?)

  • Why exist RA MATCH and RA NM in 1965 and 1966 ?


Chassepot - I really don’t know why, in a few years, there are more than one supplier. Remember, these contracts are not delivered all in one day. It is simply possible that in the “duplicate years” on factory had the initial contract for the year, but then with a government need for a followup order, perhaps not covered in the original contract, the first supplier could not meet the delivery requirements, so a second supplier was called on to made the additional deliverys. Just conjecture on my part, but it could easily be as simple a matter as that.

Regarding the manufacture of “NM” ammo and match ammo by Remington in 1965 and 1966, evidently the military wanted the two types in 1966 as well, and Remington got the contract, I DON"T know what the “NM” headstamp was only used for a few years, and beyond the ones now listed, 1963 thru 1966, I don’t know how many, if any, other years saw the use of the “NM” marking.

Thanks for adding the NM 66. I am going to edit my original list to include it, for continuity. If anyone else has “in hand” (absolute confirmation) of other dates in either match or NM, please tell us, and I will add it to the list also. I will check out a very good .45 list that I have and perhaps add from it, if it shows who has the rounds. Usually, when making my own list, I prefer to get the information only from someone with one of the rounds in his hand, looking at it, for absolute documentattion. But the list in question is pretty good.

I will also add to the list the fact that in 1962, WCC made the Match .45 both with and without a case cannelure. I don’t know why, but in the following few years are 1962, the cases were cannelured as well.

Chassepot et al - I have worked over the original list and edited it to show every headstamp that is on Butch Daubner’s list that I did not have. I have also corrected at least two typographical errors I had made, unfortunately. So, if you have printed out the original list, destroy it and print this one out.

If anyone has any additions, please report them. Please report only rounds you have at hand.

The Match load from 2004 was not in Daubner’s collection. Can the Arizona collector who reportedly has it confirm its existence?

Note that I have eliminated the extra section of headstamps that I had but for which I did not have the box. I decided that was unimportant information. Those headstamps, were needed, have been integrated into the main list, where they really belonged for continuity.

Note that the above list has some items that are not on Daubner’s list. All of the original list are confirmed from my own collection. This may be the most complete list of these headstamps ever assembled.


You need to go back and read my post re: the NM and MATCH ammunition. Both types could be made in the same year. The NM was normally targeted for the National Trophy Matches at Camp Perry and the ammunition was issued on the line. There was no other way to get it. The regular MATCH for the same year was distributed to the Services, DCM, and approved clubs for use anywhere they chose.

There was a lot of MATCH ammunition that was made with a normal commercial headstamp. Examples I know of are FEDERAL 45 AUTO and WW 45 AUTO. Once out of the box the identity is probably lost.


I am sorry to keep posting, but because of something the computer did, the list is not as clear as it should be. I left a very big gap between the date and the headstamp in the list, but for some reason, when posted, that gap closed. So, right after the 4-digit date that is the first entry on any line, is the headstamped type, for example, WCC 64 MATCH.

Sorry this happened. I have no idea why computers don’t print things always the way they appear on the screen when you are typing them. No need to answer that question here - I won’t understand it anyway.

Here’s a typical box of MATCH with a commercial headstamp. In this case it’s WW 45 AUTO. Of course, if you’re a headstamp hunter looking only for the headstamps with NM or MATCH then these won’t do.


The “04” match load shown is now confirmed. I have a picture of it.

Something was stuck in the back on my mind about the chrome souvenir dummy Remington did in 1965. I took the one out of my box, and find that the headstamp was “RA 65 NM” and not the “MATCH” headstamp as originally reported oo the list. Sorry to keep making changes, but I have edited the list again to correct this. The box for it, by the way, has no mention of “National Match” - on the normal Match box with a large “DUMMY” overlabel stuck to the top of the box. The ballistic information on one side panel has been inked out, and a lot number of “5000” added to the label with a rubber stamp.

It appears possible that the “NM” headstamped ammunition did not come in special boxes at all, but rather in the normal “MATCH” boxes. Until we see a picture proving different, we won’t know.

It’s perfect, I now know much thing on the 45 NM et 45 MATCH.