45 ACP Question Please

Can i have some help ID’ing this 45 acp ball round in my collection please? Head Stamp is RA 1941. It has a brass case and a stannic stained bullet that is not magnetic. Thanks in advance.

A photo would be helpful.

John M.

Going To Try John. Thanks for your reply, The headstamp also has lines seperating the 1941,


Made by Raufoss.

Thanks, Any Other Info On It?

Describe “Stannic-stained.” I have seen the phrase used sometimes with ammo, but have never really been sure of what it meant, which is why I suggested a picture. The only thing I know about “stannic” is that it refers to an alloy of silver and lead, or sometimes something that contains tin.

I am not as well-versed, however, in this sort of technical vocabulary, as I should be, unfortunately. My interest in ammunition has always run to the historical aspects, rather than the “tech” of it all.

John Moss

Norwegian 11.25mm (.45 ACP) Information chart:


Original webpage: http://www.kvf.no/ammo-1125.php?details=all

The headings as translated on that chart are hilarious. I tried correcting some of them, but it didn’t work, even though clicking on the word there now offers a block in which to provide a
better translation.

John Moss

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kobberbelagt messing = copper plated brass
kobbernikkelbelagt messing =cupronickel coated brass

Primarily made for and used in the Kongsberg m/1914 pistol. Saw use in imported .45 handguns and SMGs as well.

“kule” being translated to “cool” is a new one… :-) It can mean both “ball/sphere”, “bullet” and “cool”, as in rad, awesome, what have you…

“kjerne” means core (also as in nuclear core), but Google opting for that meaning instead of core is a bit odd to me.



Many Many Thanks For Your Input On My Round, Joe

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Many Many Thanks BD, You have helped me many times in the past and its very much appreciated, joe

Hi John,

Many Many Thanks For Helping Me. Sorry it took the next day to get back to you as i can only send e-mails from my office computer.

I hope the picture i sent turned out ok? That was my first go around with Photobucket.

What i meant by stannic stain? That term i learned from Mr John Scott. That is were that round came from. Obviously i did’nt take very good notes about it. I was incorrect on my label. I have now learned that gray finish is nickel, applied by Raufoss. My stannic meaning would be that gray tint that was applied to the “Tin Can” 30-06 Bullet.

Take Care, Joe

for “stannic stained” i think the author would says :

“Tin Color” for the bullet

Ten4 Thanks