45 ACP questions

I need some ID on 45 ACP cartridges please:

Mexican as far as I know, but no other info in any notes I have

What is the meaning of M AER? Bullet is normal green covered as per CBC

Normal GM bullet, non magnetic

Tin plated bullet


#1: Turned from solid Brass rod, with Rimfire cartridge offset as Primer…Probably for some type of “Zip-Gun” ( Home made or partially converted Pot metal Replica) Deadly at Both ends.

#2: CBC for Brazilian Military (AER…Aeronautica…Air Force).

#3: Badly stamped Salt Lake City, 1944 ( “4” only stamping, and that broken.

#4. ? Chinese, War Against Japan, or even earlier.

Doc AV

#3 - No, these were from a US contract for China, I believe. I think they are from Remington, and that there are a few h/s variations.

Hi Daan,

Number 2 was made by CBC for the Ministério da Aeronáutica (MAer), which was the Air Ministry of Brazil, a department of the Brazilian government that was created in 1941 and merged the national air force with the army, navy and civilian air forces. The military branch was designated Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB) and there are also hard to find cartridges with this headstamp.

Number 4 was made by Cartoucherie Belge S.A.



#3 - I don’t think the Utah Ordnance Plant produced Cal 45 ammunition.