.45 ACP riot cartridge

Interesting .45 cartridge for the Thompson SMG. New to me but I’m sure known to the members of this forum.

Jim Frigiola had a good article on .45 shot cartridges in the last (?) IAA journal.

Thompson marked boxes do bring a premium, regardless of the load and a number of countries marked boxes for the Thompson; Brazil & France to name two plus Winchester and Remington along with Peters boxes have the Thompson SMG mentioned on the box.

The red paper Peters shot loads are relatively common, the nickel-cased blue paper loads are a bit harder to find but are still only a $2-5 round, (to my mind).

Ian mentioned the M-4 load he shot as having a “45” date. If so, those are uncommon, as most of those are found with the date a a single “4”. While the full “45” is not at all common.

Another Peters load with the red paper sabot is found without the two case cannelures but otherwise look the same. Those were for (automotive) brake testing & are filled with yellow wax…