45 ACP Shot/blank?

Modern auto pistol ammo is not my thing so any information you could give me would be appeciated.

45 acp shot hs

This appears to be a Canadian 45 ACP Shot cartridge. It has black tip with a five star crimp. It’s not easy to see from the photo but the neck is bulged out wider than than the base.

Rim: 0.469"
Base: 0.465"
Neck: 0.475"
Length: 1.225"

Is it shot, why the bulge and what was it’s purpose?


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The case is made from a 7,62 Nato case, trimmed down, and the bulge at the “mouth” is to ensure correct headspace seating in a .45ACP chamber.

Looks more like a re-enactment/movie blank.

A normal .45ACP cartridge has a .475" dia. Mouth, and the Head/Rim is similar( ie, larger than .30 cal or 7,62N.)
I have the same problem making
9mmPara Movie Blanks from 5,56 cases…the mouth end has to be expanded with a 9mm Expander plug to then properly size the case to external 9mm Mouth dimensions, for correct seating in 9mm Para chamber…otherwise the case is pushed too far into chamber to fire primer. In any case, I use 9mmMag. Cases to make 9mm Para Movie Blanks…cheaper and easier.

Doc AV
Brisbane Australia.

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Not made from a 7.62 mm NATO case but from a .30 Cal. (.30-06) M1909 blank.

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I guess I should have known it was a blank. It weighs 10.5 grams which is more than my commercial and military blanks but much less than my 45 ACP shot cartridges.

It does weigh about the same as another movie 45 ACP blank I have that was made from a UK 7.62x51 case. This one doesn’t have the bulge and has a 4 petal rose crimp.


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Doc Av - I don’t understand why the case needs that big bulge in it to properly headspace in a .45 ACP chamber. I have about 25 .45 movie blanks, all different for one thing or another, and none of them show a bulge like this at all.

It looks to me like the round may have been chambered once and not fired, simply manually ejected, and that the crush of the slide/bolt going forward pushed back and bulged the top of the “case” (quotes use to indicate I am not counting the smaller diameter of the rose crimp as part of the “case” even though it is all one piece). Either that, or something went wrong in the process of forming the nose crimp. Of course, unless we found a full box of these to see if they all had the bulge, or just this one, I don’t see anyway to tell the “why” of the bulge. It certainly is NOT typical of .45 Auto-caliber blanks made from 7.62 x 51 or 7.62 x 63 mm rifle cartridge cases.

Of course, I realize that it could not have been chambered in an SMG type firing from an open bolt, or it would be a fired case, or a dud with a firing pin impression in the primer cup.

John Moss

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