.45 ACP Shot Cartridges

Currently (Wednesday afternoon 13 Nov) on Simpson’s web site: https://simpsonltd.com/ammunition-45-cal-lot-of-three-c42378/. Made by Lamp and Sons Guns for Viking Rebluing and Gun. Never heard of either. Description says five rounds in the partial box. Two shown look like extended-neck versions and two look like cylindrical roundnose bullet jackets (?). No headstamps given. For $100 you get the box and two other 20-round partial military boxes, One Remington and one Maxim.

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Wow… Simpson’s is a bit proud of their merchandise considering the prices they advertise!

This appears to be nothing more than another copy of the U.S. Military round by Remington.
I guess the price would be dependent on the condition of the Remington “partial military box” and the Maxim. The Maxim boxes are not overly common.

This is a nice little box from Lamp & Sons, but not interesting enough to buy something else you might not need with it. I am out of the running, for sure.

John Moss

Interesting box but not that interesting.