45 ACP survival round


This round feels like it has a shot load inside. What is it? I assume 1944.


It is a survival shot load, for air-crew. I do not know how widely they were issued.


May I assume that “survival shot” means a hunting round for a bailed-out pilot?



That exact cartridge was the subject of an earlier thread.

It is, as Jon said, an M15 Shot Cartridge. And yes, they were for hunting small game in emergency situations.

The description in a War Dept Tech Manual is interesting, and funny. It says the “… cartridges are intended primarily for use by air force personnel as an aid in obtaining food.” I guess that air force types were having difficulty in finding the mess hall. :) :)




FYI, there were two Cal .45 survival shot cartridges issued during WW II. The one you have, the M15, and the M 12 which had a paper shot capsule. The M 12 held more shot but was more fragile.

Neither were very effective coming out of a 3 1/2 inch rifled barrel, but they were better than a rock or a stick, I suppose.

It’s also interesting that they were intended primarily for AAF personnel. My two older brothers were pilots during WW II and they both carried 38 Special revolvers.