.45 acp, "WCC 85 MATCH" ammo question

What sort of primer was used to load Govt. ammo with the head stamp “WCC 85 Match”? Would it have originally had a silver color primer or brass?



Greg - It should probably be a brass primer cup. My round of the same date, frim lot number WCC85K029-012, 230 grain bullet loaded to 820fps velocity, has a brass primer cup. It has a brass, uncannelured case and a GM FMJ RN bullet. They came in the older style match boxes of white cardboard with the American Eagle logo on the top, in blue and red, surmounting the word, in red, “MATCH” which takes up the whole top of the lid. The forward side of the box says "50 Cartridges CALIBER .45 MATCH"
in two lines, in blue print. the rearward side has the lot number and velocity, etc. There is no bottom printing or any on the ends. All printed information is printed on the box itself, not on any glued-on labels.

Hope this is of some help. I have not seen any of these Winchester .45 military match rounds, that I can recall, with nickeled or copper primer cups, but I can’t discount that possibility, since I don’t collect them by date. I do, however, as said above, have the “85” date about which you inquired.

Thank you John. That was exactly the informaiton i was looking for.

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