45 ACP white label box

Anyone know anything about this full, odd box?
The “IMR” powder is XX’d out and P-4768 has been added, I think this is Pistol-4768 powder but I can find no reference to that powder, but have been told the prefix “47” types are fast burning.

The rounds are typical “WESTERN.45 AUTO” headstamped, with an oval copper primer, a red annulus, a brass case without a seating cannelure and a (non-magnetic) GM-jacketed bullet, as noted on the label.

The box is one of the blue, yellow and white “Bulls eye” boxes, with the bulls eye on the left side, but as the bottom has a double layer of the over-label I can’t read any of the information that might be printed on it. No lot number anywhere on the box or tray. The right end flap is top hinged while the left end flap in bottom hinged, however I do have another later generation of this box with hinges working like this.

So for whom might it have been made, why the switch to another powder and what would be the gain for doing this? Time of the box?


Pete, very interesting label, wish I knew for what purpose or for whom it might have been made. The P-4768 was a large bulk single-based propellant manufactured by DuPont and standardized between 1941 and 1945 for military .45 Auto ball, tracer, shot, HPT and some special loadings.

The mention of Olin Industries would place this in the 1945-1954 period, although by 1949 the pistol powder manufactured by DuPont to meet military specifications was P-5066.

I hope this helps.



Thanks Fede, much more than I knew before!

The white label is reminiscent of those used by Western on some calibers during WW2, however, as Fede mentions, this one is after the war but very similar to those made during…A little more info but not much help !!