45 acp

I’m getting a 45 ACP with the wide segmented bullet crimp with a FA 34 headstamp. According to the first book by H.W.S. this cartridge didn’t have a seating cannelure, the one I’m getting does. Did the arsenal just grab some regular cases and use them or is just a minor variation.
Thank You Carolyn

Carolyn - I don’t know the exact procedure for selection of lots of .45 M1911 ammunition by FA that were to received the extra crimp. However, since it was not done on all lots furing the time period (1930s) that it was used, I would guess that lots to receive the crimp were selected after bullet-pull tests indicated they were not held properly by the normal friction fit. I am revising my original answer here, since I just read the section, in both the original Vol I
and the revised edition, and my “guess” was correct about bullet pull testing. Included was a visual examination of sample rounds from various lots to check the fit of the bullet. In no way were batches of cases simply pulled out of production at random. Things simply aren’t done that way, as there is normally a reason for things like extra crimps. It is not a haphazard procedure identifying components that do not meet criteria for issue.

Woodin Volume I (revised) indicates this began in 1934. However, I have a round from 1933, and it has the heaviest extra four-segment crimp of any I have seen, and it is closer to the case mouth than my others. I have rounds dated 33, 34, 38 and 39 with this crimp and my 34-date is the only one that does NOT have the bullet seating cannelure. Since you have one coming to you that does have it, and since the book doesn’t mention 1933 production, it is clear that there are still things to be learned about it.

When your round actually arrives, would you please confirm that it IS a 34-date and that it does have the extra crimp? Your question is phrased as if you
do not actually have your round at hand yet.

I should receive it in about a week

The above mentioned cartridge came today and it is a FA 34 headstamped round with the segmented mouth crimp and WITH a case cannelure.

Carolyn - Thank you. I think that is perhaps quite a scarce date/variation combination. Congratulations. I have had several of the “34” date without a case cannelure and with the special mouth crimps, but I don’t recall ever seeing this date with both the mouth crimps and the case cannelure. Good information! FA is an important collecting field for many of us.