>45 and .50 Caliber Trench Art Knife WW II Eastern Theater

I want to share some images of a knife I’ve had for about 20 years. It is made with 2 .45 cartridges and 1 .50 cartridges. It appears that the blade has a higher copper content than the blades, hence the verdigris. I don’t think it is an accident that all the cartridges have different dates, 42, 43, 44. The two .45s came from Rariten and the .50 from St. Louis. The inscription ETO means Eastern Theater of Operations (Europe). If toward the end of the war probably France or occupied German territory. The inscription is hand engraved as you can see with the close-up and is Art Deco which was appropriate for the period. Enjoy.

That is a very nice and unusual souvenir. I’ve never seen one made like that. It took a lot of imagination to come up with that design. Thanks for sharing the photos.

RA is Remington Arms, not Raritan Arsenal. The cartridges are actually cut off Cal .30 (30-06) cases.


Thanks Ray. You know much more about this than I do. I appreciate the education. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Amazing how the American military man can create artwork even in the middle of a war. I’m sure there is a story about this one that we will never know.

I’m pretty sure that ETO actually stands for European Theater of Operations.