.45 auto coated case ID

Hello, anybody can explain me this 45 AUTO, is not magnetic? Can’t find anything.

Can anyone give me an approximative period when they were produced?

Thanks in advance!


Well, the headstamp is from Poonsang, in South Korea, but I have never seen a PMC case like that. Perhaps it is a blackened PROOF case/load.

I am not sure anything I say here will really help, but I have in my own collection seven variations of .45 auto, from the same loader, with black cases. Headstamps are from R-P, S&B, Speer, CBC, and two from PMC. I am sure the black case coating was applied by the loading factory, or on contract for them by a plating firm, and not by the companies represented by the headstamps.

As to the ID, their position in my collection would indicate the company name began with a “C”. I thought I had a box for these, but cannot find it. Stupidly, I have forgotten the name and I can’t be positive it is even from the same factory as the one shown above, since all of mine have nickel-cup primers, and all have expanding bullets. The brass primer and FMJ bullet of the one shown do not fit the pattern displayed by my specimens, other than the color-tone of the case, which if accurate in the photo supplied by SMR, is pretty much the same on my rounds. Of course, to some extent, black is black.

I am surprised we haven’t heard from DK on this one. He is the master of items like this, in my view.

John Moss

John, I’m not sure about Sergio’s example, but I think that your variants came from “Crossfire Ammunition” brand boxes by Abercrombie Firearms, Inc.



Yes they are from Crossfire. I supplied them to John. I kept the boxes for my collection. I bought all of the varieties that Crossfire offer in 45 ACP. None of them were ball loading. If I remember correctly the cases were plated where Winchester plated the Black Talons. Maybe this a later ball loading from them.

Joe Goforth

Joe - thank you. I had forgotten about this. One of the problems related to having to quite taking the time to catalog my cartridges when I was caring for my brother some years ago.

Also explains why I didn’t have a box sample, and also why they were in my cabinet among the “C” company names.

Hope all is well.


Joe, thanks for the confirmation.



Thank you very much everyone for your collaborations