.45 auto Head stamp question


Still going through my cartridges and i found another head stamp I’m not too sure on. It’s a .45 ACP. The case is brass, it has a modern primer and the bullter is Copper FMJ. The head stamp is a double elememt with a " I " in the 12 o’clock and “45 AUTO” in the 6 o’clock. Any info on this one? thanks for any help you can offer.


Independence brand. Not an actual manufacturer. Ammo actually made by Federal, CBC better known here as Magtech, and Speer. The Federal-made type has a dot before the caliber (examples: .9MM LUGER, .40 S&W) and nickel-plated or not-nickel-plated Federal primers, Magtech has not-nickel-plated primers with a truncated V (on pistol calibers or C on rifle calibers) impressed into the primer; on both Federal and Magtech-made cases the stars point outward. Speer-made will have nickel-plated CCI primers and the stars will point inward, otherwise no obvious difference. Boxes will be the same size as the manufacturers – despite being in the Independence blue/white color scheme, will have the manufacturer’s trays, and manufacturer’s lot numbers. A small percentage of the Speer-made cases will have a .I. (dot star I star dot) headstamp. There is also an earlier type of I headstamp I haven’t identified yet, probably Federal.


excellent, thanks for the info.