45 auto - help


Does anyone know who the manufacturer is?
Any information that can be given about this ammunition is appreciated.
Thank you in advance.



That round was sold by Centennial Arms, who if my memory serves me
(for once!) was based in Chicago. I don’t know who made the brass
cases, but they were almost certainly loaded by AMRON. There is an
identical round - same bullet, same headstamp font - but with “AMRON”
at the at the 11:00 to 1:00 o’clock position on the cartridge head.



Thank you John (gracias amigo - grazie amico!!!)


De nada Martin. No hay de que. (Prego!)



Hi Martin and John,

This cartridge with “45 AUTO” only headstamp was also offered by Amron in their own boxes. Side panels are marked: “45 AUTOMATIC HEMI 180 GRAIN”.




Fede - any chance you could send photos of the box? I knew
both were end products of AMRON, but I don’t seem to have the
boxes. Unfortunately, my .45 boxes have far overrun my facilities
to store them so they can be quickly found.

John M.


Thanks Fede!!



John, this is the box:





Fede - Muchisimas gracias, amigo mio.

dArtagnan - Thanks for posting the picture of the headstamps. I have forgotten about Browning (the early ones, not the current ones with the confusing animal head outline on the headstamp). I believe the first Browning rounds, at least in 9 mm and .45, were from Amron as well. Later, from Winchester.

John Moss


Hi, Does the Browning .45 auto cartridge in your photo also have a hemispherical 180 gr. JHP bullet? Thanks, Bill.


Two samples of each: BROWNING both 230gr FMJ; AMRON one 230gr FMJ, one 185gr semi-wadcutter; plain one 230gr FMJ, one Hemi. In fact, before you asked, I hadn’t even noticed it was a Hemi bullet. My AMRON box appears to be the same as Fede illustrates, except the end flaps read:
185 GR. SEMI W. C.
All 50 cartridges are headstamped AMRON (over) 45 AUTO.


Thank you very much, DArtagnan. Bill