45 auto

Has anyone heard of either of these two 45 Auto cartridges. Were they done for the government or by the government, are they scarce, did they ever get a X orT number assigned to them, they were made possibly during the Viet Nam era. I don’t have pictures of the cartridges.

R P 45 AUTO round nose 230 grain lead with 4 seams 90 degrees apart and a slight gap where they come together at the tip. (The total weight is 342 grains so it is probably about a 240 grain bullet)

The other one is a SWC lead bullet that has a very slight seam visible under high power magnification that is at the edge of the tip of the bullet. One of the grooves can be followed down to the base of the bullet as it curves. Most of these would pass as a reload if you don’t know what you’re looking for.
The headstamp is:
PETERS 45 AUTO (The total weight is 335 grains so it is at least a 230 grain bullet)

I think they are called strip cartridges.
Thank You Carolyn

first one is a legit shot cartridge. one sold for big $$ at the SLICS auction

It isn’t a shot cartridge, as what was told to me is that when the bullet leaves the barrel it breks in to 4 pieces

Photos may help, if available…

I don’t have any pictures and I unfortunately can’t get any

I will post mine after photos (which are home)