45 Auto

Both of these cartridges are 45 autos. The one with the Blue Tip has a headstamp of W-W 45 AUTO a flat nickel primer with red primer sealant. The second one is headstamped RA 68 with Blue dye over the entire head. My question is what are the bullets.

The top one looks a lot like the homebrewed ‘incindiary’ ammunition I see at gunshows around here. There are some 9mm para subsonic loads that use a blue tip for identification purposes, but I don’t think that would apply to a round that is typically subsonic to begin with.

No clue on the bottom one. Your photo is really small though.

Hope someone more knowledgeable than I will post a more definitive response for you.


The one with the Blue Tip doesn’t appear to be a reload, but looking at the second one that looks more like a reload

I feel very confident, (agree wholeheartedly with the other response), that the bright blue is a typical

The reason the top round doesn’t look like a reload is because it probably is not one. The company that loaded it (NOT Winchester) probably used new, primed empty Winchester cases. These should be counted as factory cartridges, since they are loaded by small firms specializing in them, and are “new” ammunition in these sense that there are no reused components in most of them. They do not have the interest level for most of us of those loads properly headstamped with the mark of the company loading them, nor of military and/or commercial loads from major manufacturers.

Pepper is correct in saying these have been loaded to almost identical appearances by many companies, and once out of the package, it is hard if not impossible to identify the loading company. However, blue tips seem to universally represent an incendiary load with these companies.

The second round is a reload. It is certainly NOT a Remington-made 1968 military cartridge as the headstamp would imply. The only R A 6 8 - headstamped commercial loads were ball rounds loaded by Remington in nickeled cases with the headstamped R A 6 8. Why they did that is all conjecture. I have no idea wihat loading the round pictured is, but would not trust the bullet to be a reliable feeder in most factory “as-issued” pistols. The overall cartridge length and the bullet ogive are not conducive to reliable fundtioning of pistols that are not highly polished and tuned.