45 Blank ID

I have some 45 Revolver Blank rounds with one piece plastic cases and round nose bullets ,Black and Green cases they have raised headstamps MRA .45 there are also numbers in the 3 oclock position ,could someone please tell me who MRA is ,are they still making these rounds and what do the small numbers mean. Thanks Randy

These branks headstamped MRA are made by Manufactuing Research Inc., 1840 Baldwin Street #10, Rocklege, Florida. Their webiste on a January 2008 catalog sheet is show as www.mfgresearch.net.

I don’t know for sure what the “A” in the headstamp stands for - perhaps nothing more than “Ammunition,” but that is just a guess. They make a very full line of blanks for rifles, pistols, revolvers and shotguns. Some are plastic, others are in brass cases.They also make confetti rounds and Aluminum snap-cap dummy training rounds.

In the .45 Long Colt blanks (their terminology, thank you. Don’t jump on me about using the “Long” designation) they show black plastic as a full load, gold plastic as a half load, and red plastic as a primer only. That is for corrosive (probably black powder or black powder substitute) cartridges.
Non corrosive are shown as grey plastic for a full load and green plastic for a half load.

Looking at their literature, you could make a small collection out of nothing but their stuff.

Thanks John Randy