45 blaser ammo

i would know if there are two versions of this cartridge
because i had two pictures with the same round but the first with long neck and the second with less long neck

thank for your responses

All of the photos I have ever seen of the actual cartridge have been short-neck.

There is this Czech site which claims to display variants for members of the site, but this may just be load variations, and not case variations? It is in Czech language:


Commercial ammo has the higher shoulder.

Lower shoulder cartridges that appear in the catalogs appears to be the same as the 11,6 x 53 mm AMP cartridge for the munich police, but these are not 45 Blaser ammo.

There exists a rimmed version of the 45 Blaser, introduced in 2006

a rimmed version ! i would like see this ?
maybe ressemble to 470 or 475 turnbull

i forgot the headstamps
long neck:HH 45 blaser
short neck WR 45 blaser

The original cartridge made by Romey was designated 11.7x55 -not 11.6x53-, has no headstamp and was made for suppressed prototypes of the Erma SR-100 rifle made by Steyr, and also of the DSR No.1 rifle made by AMP TS GmbH (today’s DSR-precision GmbH). These rifles had interchangeable barrels in 11.7x55 and 7.62x51, and as these cartridges share the same rim diameter and total lenght, both could be used with the same bolt.

Early .45 Blaser cartridges advertised in 2002 as a new caliber for the R 93 rifle have an identical case profile, but it was later modified to have a shorter neck (higher shoulder). I assume that Blaser prefered a case with more capacity and a lighter bullet, instead of using a case with a long neck intended for heavy bullets (e.g., 500 gr). In any case, the original ballistic data was never altered.

This caliber seems to have been dropped by Blaser since 2012.

I noticed on the Müller Munitons website that they show a .45 Blaser headstamp. The image is reversed for whatever reason - probably to better fit the text that they wanted to merge into the photo.