.45 cal M1911 Evansville Chrysler ammo crate

I got this one empty (remember good times when these were either tossed or given away for free?). I filled it up with unrelated ammo and was going through when I thought the crate itself might be of interest to somebody. Well built.


Neat crate Vlad
Hope you going to keep i?

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Yep, it was in my basement for years. It is fun going through some old stuff, the best thing is you don’t have to pay anyone if you find something cool…

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Need more? They made a bunch. (althouth these are the earlier smooth sided crates, not the “repacked” style you have.


Nice box! Here is the matching carton:

Cartridges Pistol Ball Caliber .45 M1911 (Lot E. C. -24723XC Repacked E. C. 8-44) - 1

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