45 Cal Shotshell pics?

I’ve been making a video about producing 45 ACP shotshells and would like to include a brief history/origins segment. There are pics online but I’m not going to poach them, I would like to find some royalty free photos to use with the permission of the owner. Cal 45 M12/T23/M15 etc. If anyone is willing to snap some pics and grant me the right to use them please let me know. I would of course credit your name in the video description if desired.

As always, Thanks much!

One type of .45 ACP shot cartridge was called the “Hardcap.” They use a standard .45 ACP bullet jacket and appear identical to a ball round. They also will feed and function a M1911-type pistol. I did an article on these that is on pages 26 and 27 of IAA Journal #482, Nov/Dec 2011. The article includes a number of color photos in addition to drawings from U.S. Patent 4,085,677, which can be downloaded free as a nice pdf file at www.freepatentsonline.com.

Chris Punnett, our Journal editor, might be receptive to granting permission to you to use the photos in your project. It’s certainly OK with me.

I still have the full 10-round box of these shot cartridges, and they are not something I collect.

I can accomodate you if you can wait a day. It would help to send me your email address, by clicking on my email below on this answer. I have the normal shot loads, and perhaps an experimental or two besides. If needed, I also have some box labels. I think I have a couple of shot loads made from .308 and/or .30-06 cases for commercial purposes, if they are of any interest. I don’t care about credit one way or the other. You will be free to use them as you like as long as it is nothing with any anti-gun or ammunition undertones (sure it is not, but that is not a standard condition I put on anyone I supply photos to - not everyone who owns a gun or studies ammo is pro-gun.

I need your email address because frankly, I haven’t a clue how to post pictures here, or in this case, how to send them to email in any form other than my own email account directly to another email account.

Today is doctor’s appointment for my wife, so I won’t get to it now. I probably can do it easily tomorrow.

Sorry for derailing the thread, but how did the pellets leave the jacket?

Download the patent, which shows and explains all. In summary, the GM jacket acts as a sabot for the shot. As the load is moving forward in the barrel, some gas, by design, separates the jacket slightly from the shot and after leaving the muzzle, it moves out ahead of the heavier shot group, acting as a light projectile itself.