.45 Colt Ammo from LBH

I am trying to find ammo that was used during the battle of LBH. Not the actual ammo but ammo of the same vintage. So I was wondering if the .45 Colt ammo was headstamped and if the ammo was inside primed like the .45-55 or outside primed? Also was the .44 Henry RF headstamped?

Colt .45 revolver ammunition in 1876 was without headstamp. Government production employed inside primed cases; commercial versions were externally primed. Only commercial production of this period known to me is the UMC, using the Orcutt primer. Someone else will have to address other commercial production to 1876.

.44 Henry was headstamped with a raised H if of Winchester manufacture; production by Phoenix with a raised P is known but whether this production dated as early as 1876 seems unclear. Other makers unmarked. Jack

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